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Community Resources

Utilizing community resources is vital for both individuals and the community as a whole. Local organizations provide critical services and support that improve people's lives. Relying on community resources fosters connections between people and builds solidarity. Networks of community assistance can reach people in need more effectively than any single organization. Making use of available community resources creates a stronger, more resilient society.


Phoenix Wellness Center Harm Reduction Coordinator:

Lincoln County Harm Reduction Promotion Specialist:

Document (1).jfif
(541) 270 – 4654


Benton County Health Department Harm Reduction Program:

(541) 766 – 6314

Siletz Community Health Clinic Harm Reduction:

Shawnee Lacewell
(541) 270 – 6732


Naloxone “Narcan” 101



Partnerships and Affiliations

Lincoln County Specialty Courts

Department of Human Services Child Welfare

Lincoln County Treatment Court (Drug Court and H.O.P.E Court)

Lincoln County Mental Health

Lincoln County Parole and Probation

Lincoln County Juvenile Probation Office

C.E.D.A.R.R (Community Efforts Demonstrating an Ability to Rebuild and Restore)

Siletz Tribe C.A.R.E Program

Siletz Tribe Behavioral Health’s Prevention Program

Siletz Tribe Medication Assisted Treatment Program

Siletz Tribe Behavioral Health’s Mental Health Program

C.H.A.N.C.E Community Helping Addicts Negotiate Change

Northwest Coastal Housing

Samaritan Health

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